Family court

Experiencing family court is a daunting experience and will be used to secure contact orders for children, residency orders and divorce proceedings. Online sites now make the process easier and all forms can be downloaded. The process for family court is usually via a solicitor when a parting couple are making arrangements to go their separate ways.

Online services now omit the need for a solicitor to submit applications to family law courts. The underlying basis of family court is for a judge to agree to a divorce. Prior to any divorce being granted, a family court judge will want to ascertain that arrangements for any children and financial arrangements have been split accordingly. The legal name for any proceedings related to divorce or children comes under the umbrella of family law which can now be done online.

Family court

All cases of the family court which relate to children are heard under the Children’s Act of 1989.

All cases which relate to children are heard under the Children’s Act of 1989. This involves mediation, which is now a requirement to encourage parents to come to decisions about child access rather than a judge decide arrangements for child access with a non-resident parent. If parents are unable to agree and they require the services of a solicitor to resolve contact issues, then mediation is the first step towards resolution. CAFCASS become involved and perform reports on children and assess the children’s time with each parent if residency is disputed. The end result is the issuing by the family court judge of contact orders and residency orders. Family court forms┬ácan be downloaded from family law websites.

Family law courts will order the final decree on divorces once child contact arrangements have been resolved and the financial affairs and assets have been applied accordingly. There are forms which can be downloaded as e-forms and family law forms can be arranged via various e-courts which have been designed to make the process of family law court much easier. Online family law resolution centres will help you through all aspects of the family court process.

Online resources are increasing and you can gain advice to prepare you for the family court experience. The more furnished you are with the correct information, the easier you will find the process.

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